शनिवार, 20 फ़रवरी 2010


Hope that your presence as an American president will solve allthe problems such as terrorism and violence,prevailing in india,tibbet, immediate actions in support of good health, human riggts,women rights and happy life on earth by rising beyond castism,racialism, sex and regionalism. in this contect,we happen to remember the statement of an young buddhist saint named AAGYEN TRINLEY DORJEY 'KARMAPA LAMA',that by joining a great nation like America, he would succeed in bringing peace in the world. we should always be ready with heart and soul for good life, health and world-peace. for which, we should forget our differences and narrow-mindedness and regionalism. india and whole world has great expectations from you. the terrorists believing in seperation neither remained silent, nor will ever be . so,we are expected to have control upon them in all ways. The remaining part in the next letter. ASHOK KUMAR VERMA 'BINDU' www.antaryahoo.blogspot.com #9452874748

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